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Product Name: Wireless Combo ( Wireless ) Mini Speaker And Sports Magnet Combo Package Contains: Wireless Combo ( Wireless ) Mini Speaker And Sports Magnet Combo Material: Plastic & Metal Color: Colour as per availability Additional Information: It is an Earphone/ headset that is compatible with Various Devices like Mobile, Tablet, Televisions, Computers, Laptops, MP3 Players etc. The Earphones are marketed and are not associated with any Mobile/Tablet Manufacturing Brand. We have always offered the best quality products and these earphones are no different. A perfect combination of Value and Style these earphones offer you the best is class sound output so that you enjoy all your favorite songs and also manage your voice calls with ease. The earplugs are designed to rest comfortably in your ears without causing any pain or discomfort. The Earphones offer you 360 Degree surround sound with Bass & Noise Correction. Connection Process: 1. Open the headset, hold down the function keys about 5 seconds to red and blue lights flashing. 2. Set the phone to search for Bluetooth devices. 3. When the phone search to headphones, search to the list to determine the headphones. . 4. If the pairing is successful, will flash blue lights, at this point in the standby mode and ready to dial/accept the call. To Adjust Volume of Headset: 1. According to the volume + Key to increase volume on your phone. 2. Press the volume on your phone to reduce the volume. Security Considerations: 1. Use headphones while driving, please abide by the provisions of the country or region. 2. Do not remove or modified headphones for any reason at all, otherwise may cause headset failure or burned. Weight: 500
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