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Product Name: Multi Function Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer with IR Sensor, Color Changing Display

Package Contains: 1 Item , Material: Plastic , Color: Colour as per availability Weight: 300

Combo Deal - 1 Pices of Mini wireless Headset & 1 Pices of 3 in 1 Magnet Cable

SAFETY PRECAUTIONS: 1) Use of this thermometer is not intended as a substitute for consultation with your physician. It is dangerous for user to perform a self-treatment based on the measuring result. Be sure to follow doctor?s instruction. 2) Keep the thermometer out of the reach of children. 3) The patient who suffer the external otitis and media otitis or other ear disease that will be prohibited to using the product to measure ear temperature. It may worsen the lesion.

HOW TO TAKE TEMPERATURE IN FOREHEAD MODE: Make sure the forehead cap is on, and press the measurement button to measure the forehead temperature. PRECAUTIONS WHILE TAKING TEMPERATURE IN FOREHEAD MODE: 1) Before take the temperature, please fix the forehead hair to prevent measured deviation. 2) The sweat on head or cosmetic can affect the accuracy of measurement. Please maintain the cleanliness of forehead when measuring. 3) Don?t use the thermometer outdoors.

HOW TO TAKE TEMPERATURE IN EAR MODE: 1) Remove the forehead cap, and the thermometer enters into ear mode. 2) When measuring ear temperature, insert the probe into ear canal firstly, then press the measurement button, the LCD will be showing symbol and measuring indicator light will be flashing. One second later you will hear ?Beep?, & you can remove the thermometer. The measurement is completed.

PRECAUTIONS WHILE TAKING TEMPERATURE IN EAR MODE: 1) The right ear temperature may differ from the left ear. Therefore always take the temperature in the same ear. 2) The ear must be free from obstruction excess earwax built-up to take an accurate reading. 3) Use the untreated ear if prescription ear drops or other ear medication have placed in ear canal. 4) Don?t use the thermometer outdoors.

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