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Product Name: Arsha lifestyle Shower Head Holder, Adhesive Handheld Shower Holder, with adhesive sticker to hold. Package Contains: 1 Item Head Holder Material: Plastic Color: Color as per availability Dimension: 8 x 5 x 10 Cm Weight: 90gm Additional Information: 1> Waterproof Design: The shower wand holder has waterproof design, so it will not fall off even if it is washed by the water. 2> Angle Adjustable: The shower wand holder has angle adjustment design, you can adjust the angle within a range of 45 degrees. 3> Tools Free: The shower wand holder has powerful adhesive stickers and can be installed without tools, which is very convenient. 4> No Drill: The shower holder has adhesive stickers, it can be installed without breaking the wall, you can choose any installation location.

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