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Product Name: Abdominal Muscle Trainer, Toning Workout Equipment For Men & Women Home Fitness Equipment

Package Contains:

Abdominal Muscle Trainer: BEAUTY BODY MOBILE-GYM

1 or 2 x Abdominal Pad

1 or 2 x Host Device Controller(without battery?

PS: It needs 2PCS AAA battery


1. Exercise muscles - exercise abdominal muscles, arm muscles, waist muscles, leg muscles and other parts, up to muscle shaping effect. Such as six muscle belly, mermaid line and so on.

2. Thin - the role of the human muscles, stimulate the muscle nerve, the pulse of the movement of the signal to the muscles, to promote the muscle to complete the contraction movement, energy consumption, burning too much fat, so as to achieve weight loss.

3. muscle strength - muscle in a period of time for high-intensity training, arm strength, leg strength and waist strength will gradually decline, the use of fitness can maintain muscle activity so that the state of muscle energy full, the power will not decay.


1. For first time use, please try the low intensity to adapt the device, later you can try the higher intensity level. 

2. The device will turn off automatically after 12 seconds if you don?t do anything. 

3. Please recover the adhesive pads with a protective layer after a workout, to prevent the adhesive pad from drying.

 Operation steps:

1. Open the battery cover, insert 2pcs batteries.

2. Put the device on the gel pad by the snap-on button.

3. Put the electrode pad on your body.

4. Push the ON button to start, then select Mode by pressing the ?PROGRAM? button repeatedly. Every time you press the ?PROGRAM? button a different LED will light up indication one of the 5 programmed exercise routines. Choose the program as your desired.

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